is the best place around to fly

Stick & Rudder is the best place around to fly

Stick & Rudder Flying Club is one of the oldest flying clubs in the United States. Located at Waukegan Airport (KUGN), the club has been operating continuously since 1948. We offer outstanding flight training and aircraft rentals to club members at affordable rates.

As a not-for- profit club, we strive to keep our dues, flying rates and instructor fees reasonable. Hourly rates are “wet” meaning gas is included as we maintain our own 10,000 gallon fuel tank and purchase fuel in bulk. Another additional benefit of flying at Stick & Rudder – we carry a $1,000,000 smooth insurance policy which will cover you and any passengers while flying our aircraft. No need to purchase renter’s insurance.

We own our fleet of Cessnas – a 172P model and two 172S models. All the 172s are IFR equipped and have Garmin GTN 650 IFR GPS units. One 172 S model, 172WF, has a Garmin G5 HSI and a Garmin G5 AI and a GFC 500 dual axis autopilot, making it a TAA (technically advanced aircraft) certified for commercial training and a Garmin 345 ADS-B in/out transponder. Our clubhouse and hangar facility offer a comfortable place for ground instruction and an ideal setting to spend time talking and “hangar flying” with other member pilots and instructors. Our experienced instructors are always available to offer advice and assistance for student and seasoned pilots alike. The clubhouse is wi-fi equipped and we host many social events throughout the year including holiday parties, poker runs, an annual summer picnic and spot landing contest as well as other get- togethers and impromptu barbecues.

Introduction to Flight Training

Stick & Rudder is offering an introduction to flight training package. Do you have what it takes to become a pilot? This introductory flying package will allow you to take the first steps in achieving that goal. Please contact the club at 847-249-5190 for further information.

Eight hours of flight training and instruction – $900

Club joining fee and monthly fees deferred

Fuel and insurance included

For Private Pilot training only

Potential students must be at least 15½ years old

Jump Start to Advanced Training

For private pilots who wish to earn an instrument rating or commercial certificate, Stick & Rudder is offering an incentive package. Getting an instrument rating is one of the best things you can do to become a better and more proficient pilot. A commercial certificate is an essential step if you are contemplating a professional career in aviation. Please contact the club at 847-249-5190 for further information.

Eight hours of dual flight training towards either instrument rating or commercial certificate - $1,000

Fuel and insurance included

Pilots must be Stick & Rudder Club members

Training in Club aircraft only:

CESSNA 172S – Garmin 650, 2 G5s and GFC 500 dual axis autopilot
CESSNA 172S – Garmin 650
CESSNA 172P - Garmin 650


Must hold a private pilot's license and a current medical

Join today and be part of our flying community

Call our club manager, Ken Serzynski at (847) 249-5190, or send us your questions and get further information on membership and flying rates.

Better yet, stop by and get a feel for who we are!


WLS-890 Interview

Listen to an interview of a S&R member talking about the club, as heard on WLS-890 radio