Aviation training and airplane rentals

The ultimate responsibility of the pilot is to fulfil the dreams of the countless millions of earthbound ancestors who could only stare skyward and wish. – Anon.

Stick & Rudder Flying Club is one of the oldest flying clubs in the United States. The Club has been operating continuously since 1948 and offers outstanding flight training and aircraft rentals at extremely affordable rates. There are multiple reasons why we are the premier flying club in the mid-west.

Waukegan Airport (KUGN) is a class D airport with excellent control tower facilities. For students, this is the best environment in which to do flight training in order to build the skills and confidence needed to communicate with air traffic control. But for both students and veteran pilots, the airport is not as busy as other Chicago land Class D airports – thus there is minimal waiting time on the taxiways. The practice area is only minutes from the airport making each training lesson very cost effective.

As a not for profit club, we strive to keep our dues, hourly rates and instructor fees low. Also, the hourly rates are “wet rates” meaning gas is included. We maintain our own 10,000 gallon fuel tank and purchase fuel in bulk in order to keep our rates as low as possible. We also offer private pilot packages and opportunities to buy blocked flying time hours at a discount, further reducing the cost of your flying. Pilot supplies including sectional maps, facilities directories and training materials are also offered at considerably discounted rates

Our instructors are the best of the best. You will not find a staff of flight instructors with more experience at any other flying club or FBO in the area. Our instructors at Stick and Rudder instruct because they love flying and instructing – they’re not trying to build flying time toward a career in aviation.

The Stick and Rudder club members built and own the club house and hangar facility. It is a great place to train or just or just spend time “hangar flying” with other members and guests. Again, our experienced instructors are always available to offer advice and assistance for student and seasoned pilots alike. The lighted dedicated ramp space outside our hanger is for the exclusive use of our aircraft. The clubhouse is Wi-Fi equipped and we host many social events throughout the year including holiday parties, poker runs, the annual pig roast and spot landing contest and impromptu barbeques.

Call or email our club manager, Ken Serzynski at 847-249-5190, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to get further information on membership and flying rates. Better yet, stop by and get a feel for who we are.

Stick & Rudder is the best place around to fly – join today and be part of our flying community.


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